VISUALmpeg ES/VQA/PRO is a software based analyser Suite for MPEG / H.264 compressed video files. There are different versions available supporting different kind of analysis features.
Main feature of VISUALmpegES (Elementary Stream Analyzer) is the visualization of all MPEG related parameters.
The user gets detailed and visual information about the whole stream, from the header layer down to the macroblock layer.
VISUALmpegVQA (Video Quality Analyzer) offers several measures for video quality and covers the detection of a broad range of video distortion and quality degradation. Main feature of the quality assessment unit is the video MOS (Mean Opinion Score). The scoring correlates highly with the subjective impression of the viewer.
VISUALmpegPRO - the bundle of ES and VQA - includes all features for detailed elementary stream and video quality analysis for MPEG and H.264 files.



VISUALmpeg QUALIFY - the new automated Quality Analyser

QUALIFY is the newest VISUALmpeg Product. QUALIFY is an ideal tool for automated Analysis to ensure the quality of Video and Audio assets in filebased workflows. VISUALmpeg QUALIFY supports a wide range of Video and Audio file formats and allows automated analysis of complete folders using the Watch Folder Feature. The Video Quality Results are stored in a quality Report. VISUALmpge is a perfect Tool for assuring quality of file based media content.